Coffee, Kindness, and the Homeless Man

When I see homeless people, I typically walk right past and don’t make eye contact. It makes me uncomfortable. While it wrenches my heart, knowing these people have no home and live on the streets, sometimes in extreme weather conditions, I don’t want to donate money- because will they be spending it on illicit drug use or alcohol? This is a common stereotype we have about homeless people, but with the state of the economy in the past decade, isn’t it possible that many homeless people on the streets simply fell on hard times?

I have seen an increase of stories in the news and social media lately about the homeless population, including Anna Loudon’s and Les Gordon’s story. Anna started with buying a homeless man, Les Gordon, a cup of coffee, and soon they became friends, spending time together and chatting over their cups of coffee. Not only did Anna generously provide a hot beverage, but she took the time to get to know this man, see him as a person, a struggling man that fell on hard times and now lives on the streets says onlooker Brad Reifler. She is now trying to crowdfund to provide financial support for him to rent a place to live. Her one act of kindness and empathy may just completely change his life. But unfortunately, most homeless people are not treated with kindness and empathy– and they should be. Some have hit rock bottom, and friendship from a stranger, kindness, or even just a hot cup of coffee might just be the beginning of something good for them.

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