ClassDojo Transforms Education By Transforming The Classroom

While technology is being utilized more and more in classroom across the world, it doesn’t often serve to deepen the communication between parents, teachers and students. In fact, parents might not have much idea of what their child is doing in the classroom. If parents are aware of how their child’s education is going, there isn’t a lot of give-and-take. While most parents want to stay engaged with their children, and to participate in their education, they are limited by their absence from the classroom setting. Some schools do better than others at sending communication home to parents, but there is still a shortage of back-and-forth involvement.

ClassDojo is an app that seeks to fill this void and transform classrooms. This communication app allows parents, teachers, students and school leaders to easily engage in dynamic, real-time interaction with each other. Each student takes point on creating their own portfolio where they can include pictures and mementos of their school day as it progresses, which gives them a voice and purpose. Teachers can message back-and-forth with parents throughout the day, or reward students for their participation in real time. Contact information is kept secure through the app.

ClassDojo is free for teachers, and works across most computer and smartphone platforms. Rather than waiting for newsletters or parent-teacher conferences, parents can stay engaged with their child’s education every day. ClassDojo is on a mission to change education, one classroom at a time. Each student in a ClassDojo classroom has a team behind them to support their education and emotional development. Therefore it isn’t surprising that this easy-to-use app is already in use in 80% of K-8 schools in the US and in over 180 countries worldwide. If your school doesn’t already utilize this app, it might be time to check it out.


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