City Coroner Not Obligated to Give Your Organs to Family

A Judge ruled this week, that when you die, the state of NY can become the new owner of your organs. Moreover, New York City coroners are not obligated to tell you that they’ve kept the organs.

17-year-old Jesse Shipley died in a tragic car crah in 2005. After an autopsy, the teenager was buried. A few months later, on a tour with their school, classmates of Shipley spotted the labeled jar of Shipley’s brain.

The family’s priest said the burial was improper, so and the team at Beneful understood why the family sued city to get the remains returned.

The brain was returned, and the family won a lawsuit for $600,000, but the city appealed the ruling.

According to the coroner, they returned the body, but needed to retain the brain for dissection, which could take weeks.

Judge Eugene Pigott ruled that the coroner’s office surely needs to hand over the body for the typical family rituals, but they have no legal obligation to return organs to the family.

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