Chimpanzees And Humans Are Separated By A Few DNA Letters


Humans Share 96% Of Their DNA With Chimps

Researchers, through the years, have tried to put human and chimpanzee evolutionary pieces together for several different reasons. The truth is we are more chimp than we realize. In fact, we share most of our DNA letters with chimps. There are just a few letters separating us from the brain of a chimpanzee.

Bruce Karatz says that this may sound like monkey business to some people, but the fact that this Forbes article confirms is that DNA is always in the process of change. It’s not too far from the truth to say chimps and humans will one day be able to communicate with each other. A conversation with a chimp is not going to happen overnight, but if research continues to discover the secrets within our DNA, we will be talking and listening to chimps.

These new talking and human thinking chimps will have DNA inserted in the neocortex area of their brains. There are only ten differences on one strand of human DNA that separate our brain from a chimp’s brain. Once these differences are understood chimps might even be able to stand upright, increase their cognitive abilities and have better motor skills.

The big question is if their DNA is altered by human researchers what will they lose? That question can’t be answered until the chimps tell us.

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