Charles Manson’s Former Fiancé Reportedly Only Wanted His Corpse


Charles Manson has been in the news again recently with the fairly gruesome spectacle that is the possibility someone would want to marry him. A young woman by the name of Afton Elaine Burton agreed to marry the notorious psychopath, in spite of the fact that she is only 27 years old while he is currently 80. The only reasonable assumption to make was that this woman is a groupie with some serious head issues of her own. While the latter might be true, the former turned out to be false. She was actually trying to make a buck off the man’s corpse.

It has recently been revealed that Manson’s now-former fiancé was only marrying him because she believed she would get his corpse upon his death. She was going to create a sideshow attraction out of it by putting it in a glass case and charging people a fee to see it said Paul Mathieson. Charles Manson, who thinks he cannot die anyway, found out and called off the wedding. Perhaps not surprisingly, the famously manipulative man is thought to have been using her for toiletries anyway.

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