Charles Koch Will Spend $900 Billion On Republican Campaign Despite Misgivings

In a recent interview with The Guardian, billionaire businessman Charles Koch admits that although the 2016 Republican presidential candidates are a huge disappointment, he will still donate $900 million to the cause.

The Koch Industries head says he and his family have been savaged by individuals in the media, television and blogs due to misinformation. “They have completely perverted what we do,” says Koch. The businessman says being labeled a boogeyman is not what he had in mind, and he feels obligated to set the record straight once and for all.

Koch says he considers himself a “classic liberal.” He models his beliefs after 17th century British politician William Gladstone, who he also considers his political hero. Koch insists that the lineup of 2016 Republican candidates are not impressive. Nevertheless, Charles Koch¬†will still donate nearly a billion dollars and endorse a candidate sometime in the near future.

“My main problem is that none of the candidates are addressing the urgent needs of the country,” said Koch. He harshly criticized Donald Trump for his insistence to ban all Muslims — a move Koch claims will destroy our “free society.” He went on to criticize the U.S. involvement in foreign affairs. “We’ve been in Afghanistan for a dozen years. Can we truly say we are safer now? These are strategies that need to be reexamined.”

Koch also finds Republican candidate Ted Cruz’s viewpoints troubling. Cruz has called for the carpet bombing of ISIS. “So you plan to go around the world and bomb 1.6 billion Muslims?” says Koch. Although Koch has issued a list of things he feels the candidates should be addressing, he has been met with resistance. Koch says despite the fact the candidates don’t seem fazed by his questions, he will still speak out.

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  • For Koch to say that his main problem is that none of the candidates are addressing the urgent needs of the country shows that he meant well for US as a whole. This is good to know because was on the verge of discriminating him and hos campaign. But I think this will go well with us.

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