Charles Koch Supports George Mason

Koch family foundations are related Non-Profit organizations which were founded by Fred and Mary Koch Foundation in 1953. The primary groups include Charles Koch Foundation, Koch Cultural Trust and David H. Koch Charitable Foundation. The collective goal of the foundations is to advance the liberty and freedom through donations to support causes that aim to promote sustainable prosperity and social progress. Apart from the direct support to NPOs, foundations support philanthropic organizations in public well-being, fields of research, arts, and scholarships including educational programs support and university support.

The Koch family is noted for its involvement in the politics of the U.S. For instance; their participation is indicated in the donation of groups supporting conservative and libertarian networks to promote free enterprise. In 2016, they have expressed their disappointment in the way the Republican Party has established its 2016 candidate for presidential election. In 2016 elections, the family has indicated its intention to contribute about $800 million to support various candidates in this year’s election.

In general, Koch family is known for its dedicated efforts to fund movements, civil groups, politics, and education. George Mason has been the biggest beneficiary of Charles Koch educational donation receiving about $48 million in a span of four years only. Other institutions received in total $20 million, but no one university reached $1 million annually.

Due to the size of the funding donated to George Mason University, many critics have condemned the move saying that Charles Koch is trying to establish his name through supporting the university. Some critics have suggested that the huge chunk of money donated to the school will have to influence the policies of the school making it not independent in its policies and decisions.

Koch is not the only billionaire known for making this enormous amount of contribution. Phil Knight, the co-founder of Nike Inc. recently made a contribution of $400 million on scholarship to students of Stanford University. David Koch has also made a big contribution to universities. Even though Koch’s representatives worked hard to ensure they informed the critics that the donation did not involve conditions. However, critics say that the donation was all about politics particularly cementing the Charles Koch’s support for Republican candidates.

Some critics say that Charles Koch is trying to establish himself in hundreds of Universities. One of the actions that have been pointed at includes the agreement between Political Economy and Free Enterprise program of study at Florida State University. Although Charles Koch were supposed to hire professors with the donation, the money was to support the course. Hence, Charles Koch was only trying to support a free economy.


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