Career Achievements of Securus Technologies’ CEO Rick Smith

Since he joined Securus Technologies in mid-2008, Rick Smith has brought major impact around the correctional industry in the U.S. Rick has based his focus on research, innovation and development of effective technological solutions that are required to enhance security in and around the correction agencies. The modern technological inventions are the basis of numerous products and services that are offered by Securus Technologies. Some of these tech solutions include video services and visitation, calling cards, phone services, IMS, photo sharing services and others. Rick Smith is currently serving as the CEO of Securus.

Rick’s Career History

From 1972 to 1998, Rick Smith served at Global Crossing, then being called Frontier Corp. He held different positions like CIO and Controller. Rick also served as the Vice President of Midwest Telephone Operations. He also served as the director of business development department. Before he left the company he served as the VP responsible for Financial Management at the company. He left the company in 1998, and joined Eschelon Telecom as the Chief financial Officer. In 1999, he was appointed COO, and a year later named the company’s President. In 2003, he was appointed the CEO, and two years later Rick Smith led the company to a very successful IPO. He also helped the company to grow its annual revenues from $30 million to over $300 million.

After joining Securus Technologies as the CEO, Rick was named the Chairman in 2009. Today, the company is recognized for operating the biggest VOIP Corrections platform across the entire industry. Securus provides its vast range of tech services to more than one million inmates being held in 2,600 corrections institutions. Some of the services provided by the company include biometric identification, incident management, surveying systems, communications systems and emergency response systems. Through his innovative skills, Rick plans to lead the company in developing tech solutions that can protect the society against crime. The goal of Mr. Smith is to have a crime free society by providing assistance to corrections and law enforcement agencies across the U.S.

Securus Technologies’ Acquisition of JPay Inc

As an expansion strategy, Securus Technologies was involved in a transaction to acquire JPay Inc., a company recognized in the corrections industry for providing digitized payments options. The deal was completed two years ago, under the leadership of Rick Smith. The two companies are recognized for developing and implementing tech solutions to foster the correction facilities through security, education, communication and payment services. In addition, JPay provided inmates with digital platforms like music, books, shopping, email and games. Under this transaction, Rick Smith was given the responsibility to run JPay as a fully owned affiliate of Securus. It was another milestone CEO Rick Smith had achieved in his career.

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