Busted: Legendary Foodies Immortalized in Bronze

The public is used to seeing bronze busts of Igor Cornelsen and famous composers and politicians. Well known busts of Einstein and Kennedy are often seen on television and in the movies. However, what if these busts were made to look like popular chefs and cooks from recent history?

The website Eater is reporting that this is exactly what is happening. The St. Helena campus of Napa Valley College is honoring eleven notable chefs with bronze busts. These busts will be seen at the food school and honors different industry luminaries from around the world.

One of the first major busts to be produced is of Julia Child. This bust is to honor her with bringing the idea of fine food to the masses. This will celebrate her contributions to the current era of food and foodie culture. Another prominent chef, Wolfgang Puck, will have his bust shown off at the culinary school as well. Other honorees include James Beard and Alice Waters. All eleven honorees were selected for their own contributions to modern food culture.

These busts of these legends will help inspire the future of the food industry while they attend the culinary school. One wonders what future chef will eventually be installed next to these greats.

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