Bruno Fagali, Attorney and Corporate Integrity Manager

Bruno Jorge Fagali’s law firm Fagali Advocacy specializes in public law, Election, Anti-Corruption, and Compliance law. He also serves as a Corporate Integrity Manager for the advertising agency, Nova/sb.

As a Corporate Integrity Manager, Bruno Fagali was hired to design, manage and implement the compliance program for this advertising agency, who are specialists in public interest communications.

Bruno Fagali attended the University of Sao Paulo where he participated in a Program of Teaching where he executed the preparation, the follow-up and the conduction of classes, along with seminars for graduation classes which included study groups.

Bruno Fagali worked for Radi, Calil, and Associate Advocates dealing mainly with public law and litigation. This included civil actions suites, writ of mandamus which orders a person to perform a statutory or public duty. He handled administrative appeals, contracts, bidding, and expropriation action, which can dispossess or take away property from an owner.

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He did intern work in Public advisory law with his focus on regulatory, Administrative contracts and bidding law. As an intern for Dom Paulo Evaristo Arns, he worked with Civil procedural law, which includes civil, family domestic violence and consumer law.

Bruno Fagali has a Master’s degree in Public Law, Administrative Law, and Anticorruption. He has also studied parliamentary law, state laws, Electoral Law, as well as primary and secondary education. Bruno Fagali also has a Bachelor’s degree in law from the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo.

Pro-Ethics in the area of compliance is the main legal concern in Brazil at present. This “award” is official as the Ministry of Transparency, Inspection and Comptroller General of the Union are in a partnership with the Ethos Institute. Pro-Ethics gives the companies that are involved in these cases recommendations and directions that are important in order that they can work to improve their compliance system and to lessen the risk of any unethical conduct in their business.

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