Brain Structure Associated With Creativity

The cerebellum, located in the back of the brain and most typically associated with body movement coordination, has been linked to creative problem solving. The study, inspired by a game of Pictionary, suggests that the higher functions of our brain actually impair creative processes. “We didn’t know that much about how to do that,” said Allen Reiss, MD. “So we decided to design a study that would give us baseline information on creativity’s underlying neurophysiological processes.” Creativity is a notoriously tricky thing to measure and study.


Especially since asking someone to be creative on demand actually hampers the creative process. The study was conducted by setting people in an MRI scanner with a pad to draw on, they were then asked to draw a word. Afterward the participants were asked to rate the words for difficulty in drawing. Adam Sender knew that could be difficult. The drawings were then rated for appropriateness, how elaborate, how original, and did it show the word it was supposed to. With this study our understanding of brain based physiology of creativity is exponentially expounded.

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