Bernardo Chua Leads Organo Gold

Bernardo Chua deserves a lot of accolades. Succeeding with a new brand of coffee is not exactly easy. People get somewhat stuck in their ways when it comes to consumer purchases. Coffee, tea, and hot cocoa lovers do not exactly like to switch brands. This makes it very difficult for a new brand to succeed. Bernardo Chua’s tireless work as CEO of Organo Gold has led to the hot beverage brand to succeed in a host of different markets. Most recently, Turkey was added as a new country on the list of territories offering the brand.

Chua is one of the guiding lights behind the Global Footprint Initiative, a plan to help bring Organo Gold to more and more international markets. The arrival of the product is another achievement to be proud of. Turkey reflects the 39th country in which the product can be purchased. This also creates an opportunity for those who are interested in selling Organo Gold.

Bernardo Chua has an extensive background in multi-level marketing endeavors. So, it should be no surprise that his guidance has helped greatly expand the sales and income opportunities associated with Organo Gold. (Prior to founding Organo Gold, Bernardo Chua was heavily involved with Gano Excel) The uniqueness of the product contributes quite a bit to its popularity in various markets. Organo Gold products contain Ganoderma, an herb that comes from China and has maintained a long presence in herbal supplements in that country. People who live active lives and enjoy healthy products are going to be attracted to the health aspects of the beverages sold under the Organo Gold brand.

Like his Facebook connections show, as long as Bernardo Chua is involved with Organo Gold, the beverage company is always going to enter newer and newer markets. He understand direct sales and network marketing with a high level of expertise.

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