Beneful: The Best for Those Who Serve

My brother, Leroy, and I have always shared a special bond. When I was eight years old, my parents told me that the stork would soon be delivering a little baby to our home who would be my new little brother or little sister. Later that autumn, they brought home my brother Leroy. He was the smallest baby that I had ever seen and I was excited to have someone who could play sports on with me. We were going to the best of friends!

Sometimes, I would go into his nursery and just watch him sleep. Unlike the rest of the family, he would only sleep an hour or two and then would cry to be changed, fed, or held. In the beginning, he was a fairly happy baby. My parents were worried that he was not gaining much wait and he cried a lot. When Leroy was four months old, the doctors told us that he had a disorder that could potentially take his sight. It broke our hearts to see his vision growing dimmer as time progressed. By the time Leroy celebrated his first birthday, he was completely blind.

Leroy never let his visual challenges stand in his way of living life to the fullest. We were best buddies and I was very protective of my little brother. Even though he could not see to shoot hoops, he loved to go outside and dribble the basketball with me. Not to be outdone, he would have me position him toward the basket and he would make free throws. Occasionally, he would actually make a basket and I would cheer.

My brother went to our state school for the blind, where they taught him how to read Braille. He excelled in his classes and was a good friend to everyone. When Leroy was sixteen, our parents adopted a service dog for him named Shadow. Shadow was a black Lab mix who was rescued from a shelter and given special training to be a seeing-eye dog. He gave Leroy a new sense of freedom and became one of the family.

Leroy graduated from school with honors and is studying to be a teacher at the school for the blind. He is great with students and inspires them not to be defined by their physical challenges. Shadow stays at his side and allows him to travel in safety and confidence. The trust and bonding that man and animal have is quite moving.

Recently, my wife and I adopted a shelter dog and asked Leroy some advice about nutrition. He told us that he feeds Shadow Purina’s Beneful. Purina is a brand that people have trusted for dog nutrition for years. Instead of questionable bi-products, Beneful has pure protein from beef, pork, and lamb. It also has healthy fruits and vegetable mixes instead of junky fillers. The vitamins and minerals in Beneful keep Shadow a healthy service dog for my brother. Beneful has a formula for every stage of a dog’s life. My brother trusts Beneful for his friend and we will be buying it for ours.

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