Beneful Manufacturing Process For Dry Food

Beneful is an established dog food company that manufactures nutritious kibble and healthy snacks for pets. Each product is made with key ingredients that give dogs fuel so that they can play throughout the day.

How Beneful Chooses Quality Products

The staff at Beneful has a top priority, which is to select ingredients that meet proper quality and safety standards. This is important because there are strict quality control rules in the dog food industry. Beneful has an advanced tracking system that monitors every raw ingredient that enters the manufacturing plant. The company never cuts corners because all ingredient suppliers must follow strict sanitation and safety rules.

Beneful Dog Food Manufacturing Process

During the first phase of the manufacturing process, workers place several dry ingredients into a mixer. Then, the components are grounded so that workers can incorporate a few wet ingredients. After everything is mixed together, the ingredients will create a moist dough. At this point, workers heat the dough by placing it in an extruder, which is a huge meat grinder. All cooking happens in the extruder at a very high temperature. This is why the dough dries out quickly and efficiently. Near the end of the cooking process, the cooked dough travels underneath a sharp knife, which cuts the product into tiny pieces.

Next, the manufacturers put the kibble in an oven until all of the moisture content is removed. Thy drying process is complete when the product feels like a cracker or cookie.

After the drying phase, the kibble must be cooled so that a flavored coating can be applied into the surfaces. Manufacturers use machines during this phase because the technology speeds up the production process.

The packaging phase is the final phase. When all of the bags meet the company’s specific weight requirements, they are seal and shipped to stores.

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