Beneful Benefits

When Purina launched the Beneful line of dog food, it was squarely with the intention of creating a quality product with healthy benefits for dogs. Since establishing the product, the line has expanded from just simply nutritional food used for daily consumption to products that have health properties for those dogs getting on in years and those who may be experiencing problems such as joint pain.

Purina has been in business for a number of years and is a well-respected and trusted name in the pet care industry. The Beneful line of dog food is processed strictly by government requirements and are made with nutritious ingredients. Because so much care goes into the quality of the food prepared for dogs, not only are those standards met but are exceeded to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Some of the varieties of Beneful are: the original which offers dogs both taste and nutrition by including 100% real beef in every morsel, Chopped blends with salmon, Beef stew, chicken stew, Mediterranean-style, and so many more . It also includes over 20 different vitamins to promote the health and well=being of the dog. This variation comes in the form of wet or dry, so that the consumer is able to tailor what dogs eat to their own personal preference.

Because dogs like a crunchier texture, the dry version of any of the previously mentioned variations is a great way to go. Some people mix both wet and dry to give the taste they crave. Pet owners love that the brand can be chosen in order to facilitate a dog’s specific health need. Some pets may need help with their teeth, there is a product for that. Some dogs need assistance with weight management. Purina has taken that into account and created a formula that is designed for that purpose. And, still other pets may require a little boost when it comes to having healthy hair. There is also a formula targeted at treating that as well.

Consumers have placed their pets dietary needs in the very capable hands of Purina for decades. The Beneful line of dog food is just one of the reasons why the brand has been around so long and has been at the top of its game. The continued support for the Beneful line has only propelled the brand to new levels unrivaled by other dog food labels. That is why the label can be found in stores all over the world.

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