Become An Insider With A Magnises Membership

The Magnises lifestyle is unlike any other in the fact that it can accommodate just about anyone who wants to be able to enjoy life, without having all the high costs attached to it. Magnises isn’t only able to give great discounts to its members because it does so much more than that. Having a Magnises Black Card can mean opening doors for its user, and the card is customizable as well. When we say that the Magnises Black Card can be customized, it doesn’t necessarily mean the actual card itself, but the membership to Magnises can be customized.

A standard membership for Magnises will last a year and cost $250. The membership will have an incredible amount of perks that range from getting a private driver to allowing the user to have a private trainer in a gym as well as giving the user access to the Magnises clubhouse. Access to great events at discounted prices, even better seating at just about any sports event is also available with the Magnises card. Those who want to customize their Magnises card will add a pass, and there are several passes that can be added to any account.

The different passes that Magnises has customized in order to make them available to their members are the WorkPass, the HotelPass, the ClubPass, and the SportsPass at These great passes can literally be anyone’s pass to a lifestyle that is much more fun, and discounts of all types are also available with these passes. Each pass will do something individual, even if it means giving special access to certain places, such as the ClubPass, which allows entrance to a whole list of great nightclubs, especially in New York City. Along with being able to customize a Magnises membership with passes, the user can also add banking information.

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The banking information that can be added to the Magnises membership is important because it enables the user to utilize their debit or credit card through the Magnises Black Card, which is just a lot more convenient for its user. Magnises doesn’t just stop there because they’ve also added a great concierge for their members that can be downloaded through an app store. The concierge application is one-of-a-kind and is designed to work with the Magnises user who has downloaded the application, especially since it will call the user by their name, which personalizes it.

The application has so many different uses that it’s crazy, especially since it can make reservations that may be needed for the night. Make a reservation to an excellent restaurant, reserve a space or table at a bar and much more. Find out the hottest coffee shops as well as learning about any special events that are for Magnises members as well as special events that are taking place in close proximity to the area where you are located. There is so much that Magnises has to offer any potential member who has an interest in becoming an insider.

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