Becks Will Have to Pay For Misleading Customers into Thinking it is a German Beer

Bad news for anyone who likes to impress their friends by drinking “German” beer like Becks. Becks is not a German beer and has not been imported since 2012. The beer company recently found itself on the losing end of a lawsuit after customers sued because they were tricked by phrases like ‘German Quality’ beer and ‘Originated in Bremen, Germany,’. Even the brand’s Wikipedia page lists it as a German beer brewed in Germany, with only a small mention of the fact that the US version of the beer has been brewed in St.Lewis since 2012. Adding to the confusion is that the beer was brewed in Germany and imported to the US until recently.

This may not seem like it matters to anyone except for a handful of people who care about where their low-end “imported” beer actually comes from, but it actually says a lot about truth in advertising according to Qnet. Anheuser-Busch InBev has been tricking its customers into believing that they are selling a fancy, important product for three years. Fortunately, they were caught and now have to pay a hefty fine. Unfortunately, many companies get away with false and misleading advertising for years and are never caught. Sometimes advertising can have more serious consequences, such as vitamin supplement Airborne, which is still popular despite the fact that it has been proven to have no effect on preventing colds or Kashi, who lied to thier customers about using all-natural ingredients.

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