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Doe Deere and Lime Crime
Doe Deer is the founder and CEO of Lime Crime makeup. This is makeup that offers vibrant colors and is cruelty-free. This is a team of makeup enthusiasts and lovers in Los Angeles. This team is committed to producing cosmetics that are safe and cruelty-free. They believe that makeup will give everyone the opportunity to completely express their inner beauty in a vibrant and colorful way. Safety in the products in a top priority for Doe Deere of and her team.

Beauty Products and Cruelty-Free
When you choose your beauty products or your favorite cosmetic brand, you may make the choice to purchase a cruelty-free product. A product that is cruelty-free is one that will not test their products on animals. This would be a choice for a business that would be incorporated in their overall strategy. These will be guidelines that incorporate the assured consideration of all animals. A safety test and guideline would be in place that would be included for all of their products. This would mean that the ingredients of the products are screened and then may be labeled as cruelty free. It is not been uncommon, in the past, to test ingredients for beauty products on animals. Each country and area has guidelines that must be adhered to for the ingredients in their beauty products. Every country does have laws regarding the labeling of products. If a company has a cruelty-free status and label, this will mean that a company has established cruelty-free methods for product safety and that they are committed to using animal-free methods.

Reasons to Choose Cruelty-Free Beauty Products
When you purchase beauty products, you are placing the ingredients on your skin. You will want to be assured that they are safe products that will not cause harm in any way. The following are some reasons that you may want to choose cruelty-free. These include:
*healthier skin; the ingredients in your beauty product ought to leave your skin healthy while offering you the appearance that you desire. Vegan and cruelty-free products will allow you to achieve this

*natural and animal conscious; natural testing that does not include the testing or harm of an animal. Cruelty-free has standards that earn a seal of approval

*toxic chemicals; ingredients that include chemicals may seep into your pores. These chemicals may be harmful to your skin

*it should be known that even the make-up brush is an item that can be made from an animal tail. It is a good idea to view what the company is making their cosmetic brushes from prior to using it on your skin

*keep in mind that there is not a standard law that will require a company to actually test their cosmetics out on animals
Every consumer has the choice to purchase a safe and cruelty-free beauty product. There are good and solid reasons to choose your cosmetics and beauty products wisely. You have the option to keep yourself informed of the products that you purchase.

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