Bear Hunting

Hunting is a popular past time for many people. They consider it a time to come together and bond with other memories of their family or friends. It’s sometimes a learning experience, and a time to grow that older men take their sons on. No matter what the reason, one thing has basically stayed the same. That is what type of animals you can hunt. For a long time it was pretty standard across the board, people would hunt deer, pheasants, and small animals such as hares and rabbits. Well it looks like Florida wildlife officials are adding a new animal to that list.

According to Reddit News, people will be allowed to hunt bears for a week straight. This is the first time in twenty one years that it will be allowed. The reason for this is that there has been an increased amount of bear encounters as they’ve begun to wander into suburbs and places that they don’t belong. The bear hunt will be capped at 275, and when that’s reached it’s done.

So for many, it will be a week long hunt to get their hands on one of these big animals! Brian Bonar figures a lot of people will be giving it a shot. It perhaps will be one of the biggest catches of their life. In the meantime people are asked to take extra precautions and stay safe. Bears are more dangerous than other animals that are hunted, and therefore it’s important to always stay vigilant when out there.

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