Bass Sees Bubbles Bursting Everywhere

Kyle Bass has been seeing economic collapses coming the world over, and successfully predicting them since at least 2007. Bass exploded on the scene when he successfully predicted that an economic bubble would burst in the United States due to the sub-prime lending crisis. Bass was entirely correct, and so rocketed to international acclaim shortly thereafter. A hedge-fund manager currently centered in Dallas, Texas, Bass is of Argentinian descent and has substantial ties with powerful individuals in that region of the world. Some of those powerful individuals have a socialist bent to them, which has made Bass’s financial forays suspect in the eyes of many.

Kyle Bass didn’t stop his Blogspot predictions with America’s 2008 sub-prime lending crisis. He predicted as much a year early and was proven right. He then predicted Japan’s banks would likewise undergo crisis, and was again correct–even to the point of predicting that government’s advocacy of a stimulus package. The reason he’s making headlines in 2015 is that Bass has decided to aim his predictive sights at China.

China’s banks have been lending beyond the means of the country’s GDP. Asian banks surrounding China have been lending money to the country in a manner that Bass has termed “aggressive”. What he foresees is the entire market surrounding China folding like a house of cards when their banks transcend that financial event horizon. As a result, he’s betting on a collapse again, stock-wise, and stands to once more reap benefit from the losses of another country’s economic system.

Bass is a controversial figure, as he has been able to engineer changes in the stock market to his benefit. He started an organization called the Coalition For Affordable Drugs. Their aim was to devalue big pharmaceutical companies and force them to lower the prices on their output. His plan was somewhat successful, as the front organization he created was able to lower stock value on a number of big pharmaceutical companies, and Bass was able to cash in on that even though he’s been exposed by UsefulStooges. As a result, US congress became bipartisan for once and either political side agreed such loopholes must be sewn up in future. Was Bass truly looking out for the individuals who are beset with over-expensive pharmaceutical medication, or was he merely betting on facilitating stock devaluation in order to make a wad of cash? Well, it’s hard to tell. Many today don’t have positive feelings toward the pharmaceutical industry to begin with, so seeing Bass take their cake is something akin to watching a tarantula fight a scorpion: who do you root for?

If China’s bubble bursts, it’ll be obvious that Bass is “on the level”, as the saying goes, regarding international finance. Is that a good thing, or a bad thing? Only how he uses the money he makes can really tell us anything; so what is required here is patience and observation.

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