Insurance is essential across the world because it serves customers in some ways. However, for a company to achieve success, it must ensure that it gives the required services to its clients. One of the successful insurance companies in the world is AXA Advisors.


AXA is a firm that started from being a small business but has grown to become a multinational enterprise covering the whole world. Many of its customers come from across the world and have been happy to work with AXA Advisors.Because of its good performance in the field, it has been ranked as the best insurance company worldwide for many years. Its brand value is estimated to have grown by 14% by 2016. The company targets markets across the world and some of the areas where it has firmly established itself include Asia, Middle East, Europe and even in Africa.


The company has been in the industry for many years, and as such it has acquired a lot of experience and employed some good leaders who have shown commitment and dedication towards achieving the missions and goals of the organization. Currently, the company has increased and strengthened its operations by acquiring some businesses that are also successful. For example, it took over Equitable which had been successfully operating in the United States. AXA is a company that is also considerate regarding philanthropy.


Its leaders are keen in involving the company in charitable undertakings. Research Fund was started in 2008 on behalf of the enterprise. The organization aims at offering help concerning research that is focused on the comprehension and prevention of risks that may be dangerous to human beings.


Who is Vincent Parascandola?


Vincent Parascandola has been successful while working with AXA Advisors. He is a talented entrepreneur who focuses fully on his job, and as such he has been of help to the company. He serves as a primary financial professional of the organization and has been key to ensuring that the company succeeds in its operations.


He is responsible for various operations of the enterprise. He ensures that the business is running smoothly by recruiting the required professionals, retaining the best employees and financial development of practitioners. He is qualified for the position because he has been working in the sector for more than two decades. Therefore, he has the experience that is required to run the business.

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