Avi Weisfogel GoFundMe Campaign Highlights Just How Important Dental Care Is

Avi Weisfogel DDS, noted dentist has initiated a GoFundMe campaign with the objective of raising $2000 for Operation Smile. Weisfogel a proud “New Jersey guy” who graduated New York University College of Dentistry, has always loved nice teeth, making Operation Smile the ideal candidate for his fundraising effort. Operation Smile is an international charity that provides free dental surgical procedures for children, including surgery for cleft palates and other facial deformities.

In choosing Operation smile, Dr. Weisfogel picked a field he knew the most about, and was also the most passionate about. His enthusiasm for dentistry has encouraged him to keep up with the best dental procedure and technology, resulting in him pursuing roughly 200 hours of continuing education every year.
For Avi Weisfogel, Operation Smile represents hope for countless of children who cannot afford the care they require. Because Operation smile works in hospitals all around the world, Operation smile ensures to always work with local health providers, so that patients can feel secure being treated by someone who understands their culture and their language. However, since some areas don’t have as many resources as others, they frequently encounter the need to import medical equipment and expertise. The money raised by Dr. Weisfogel’s campaign will directly help fund these expenses.
With six children of his own, Weisfogel really takes caring for children to heart. He believes “children deserve the very best care available,” and the near twenty years experience he has working as a dentist has taught him just how valuable the best care available can be.

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