Attorney Dan Newlin Seeks To Help As Many People As Possible

Personal injury attorney Dan Newlin understands the need for speedy representation for all those who are faced with the common problems of personal injury, worker’s compensation or other legal problems. Newlin has recently unveiled his own personal hashtag that allows any potential client to get in contact with the simple dialing of #Dan from their cell phone, which Newlin believes places his company at the forefront of the technological revolution wireless communications are ushering in. Instead of being forced to remember and dial a long phone number Newlin has made sure his clients have the chance to dial just four digits in what is seen as the first commercial use of hashtag technology in this way.

Dan Newlin is a popular figure in the Orlando region of Florida after spending many years working in the area as a personal injury lawyer. Newlin has always been interested in helping others and spent a large amount of time working in law enforcement and firefighting before completing his training as an attorney. The personal injury specialist embarked on a career assisting others in the personal injury field that resulted in his representation of a gunshot victim in Orlando, Florida, who was left paralyzed by a stray bullet fired during a home invasion. Newlin secured a $100 million payout for Danielle Sampson after she was left unable to move or talk following the incident. Dan Newlin was written about by Findlaw.

Following the completion of the legal case revolving around Danielle Sampson, Dan Newlin embarked on a new venture by opening an office in his hometown of Chicago. This has led to the development of the new telephone technology, which has seen Newlin and his partners work with major telecommunications providers work alongside the attorney and his team to develop new ways of contacting his office. The hashtag technology developed is brand new to the major telecommunications providers and sees software developed for marketing campaigns adapted for consistent use by Dan Newlin and his legal team.

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