Assisted Living Facilities: The Joys of Independence

According to US vital statistics, Americans are living longer and are enjoying quality of life well into their 80s and even 90s. It used to be that people automatically retired anywhere between the ages of 63 to 65. Because of financial pinches, may seniors are retiring an older age. Some of them even take up part-time jobs or volunteer work after retirement. For the most part, the iconic ease in the rocking chair is almost non-existent.

One of the greatest fears that bother seniors is a loss of independence. Since we are creatures of habit, no one wants to depend on others to get around or to take care of them. A feeling of independence is just as integral to our being as breathing or eating. It is a pleasure that no one wants to concede.

As we get older, health problems are inevitable. The little aches and pains that we had in our 50s and 60s can be a little more intimidating in advancing age. Many octogenarians have to give up their driving privileges due to failing eye sight and slower response. A majority of seniors suffer from painful arthritis and other conditions that may made them dependent on a walking aide or wheelchair. Some may have other problems or be on medications that would make it difficult to live alone.

The good news is that these folks do not have to resign themselves to living with a relative or in a nursing home. Assisted living facilities allow seniors to enjoy the freedom of living in their own place while having professional help available if needed. These facilities are often streamlined apartments or condos with amenities that residents and their visitors love.

The key to assisted living facilities is that they are tailored to the residents’ needs. Residents can enjoy cooking in their own kitchens or they can go to the commons to enjoy gourmet meals prepared by the staff. There is staff available for housekeeping, laundry, and errands for those who need it. As, licensed medical staff is available to check in on the residents and help with treatments or medications. The whole time, residents of assisted living facilities have their own space and will feel right at home.

Residents who choose to live in the opulent Manse on Marsh will find assisted living at its best. This majestic mansion in San Luis Obispo, CA is one of the most popular facilities in the state. People have a choice of living in a luxury studio apartment in the manse or in one of the beautiful separate cottages on the estate. They can choose their own floor plans and have the peace of mind of having assistance available 24/7.

People who reside in the Manse on Marsh have the wonderful ammenities of luxury hotel, such as gourmet dining, transportation, and housekeeping. They are free to invite family and friends over and enjoy the feeling of home. Living in the Mane on the Marsh does not mean giving up independence. It is a chance for people to live out their senior years in comfort, safety, and happiness.

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