Arthur Becker Provides Excellent Real Estate Services through Madison Partners LLC

Arthur Becker is a successful business man and career executive. His success story borders extensive experience in technology and real estate development. The chief executive officer of Madison Partners LLC has a long history in technology. He is famous for applying his knowledge of technology in business. Initially, he was the chief executive officer of NaviSite. He also invested in Vera Wang Fashion. Over the years, he has garnered extensive experiences I n various fields of technology. As an investor who spread his risks across different fields, Arthur Becker is prominent for his passion for technology and real estate.


Arthur Becker was interviewed by Real Deal. The interview highlighted his career history and experience. In the interview, he explained that he has invested in various real estate ventures like town houses and commercial buildings for different individuals. According to NY Curbed, Arthur made a name for himself in the real estate industry through the renovation of buildings, selling, purchasing as well as leasing. He expanded his business across New York City as well as Florida. Through technology, he learned how to use modern platforms to market his real estate business. Asked how he started his businesses, Arthur explained that following his experience in technology as the chief executive officer of NaviSite, he established Madison Partners LLC. The real estate firm focuses on helping clients with settling for satisfying property. Currently, the real estate firm is his primary focus. Arthur got his inspiration from Vera Wang.


Currently, Becker is a partner at Madison Partners LLC. This is an investment company capitalizing on real estate. Initially, he was the chief executive officer and chairman of Zinio LLC. This is one of the leading technology new stands in the world. Before joining Zinio, Arthur was the chief executive officer of NaviSite. The company provided internet technology services as well as hosting packages to enterprises in the United States of America and the United Kingdom. He was in charge of all departments across India, U.S., and UK. At Vera Wang, he was the senior advisor for seven years. He learned how to incorporate technology in business. Arthur Becker has been on the forefront of providing customers with the best real estate services in terms of property.

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