Are Their UFO’s Among Us?


There has always been so much speculation around Area 51 and all the things that go on around this site. Today a report was released from CIA said they admitted that there were the ones who caused the apparent UFO’s back in the 1950’s. As a mom and a concerned citizen, I am not sure how to process all these things. First, the government is telling us that they were the Unidentified Flying Objects many saw, and I just don’t know if it is true.

My friend Sam Tabar says that so many questions flood  his mind as he thinks about the possibility of life on other planets. If there are in fact people that life on other planets, how do they survive? According to scientific studies, there are not any planets that would be inhabitable for human life. While they have questioned that some life could be sustained in planets that have not been discovered, it all is very perplexing.

While the CIA is saying the sightings were caused by their aircraft, I am not so sure that I can believe that, or rest easy. Perhaps they were trying to hide something, and perhaps there is something going on in Area 51. I guess we may never know.

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  • I personally have never seen a UFO, alien or anything else, but I also cannot refute the stories I have heard. The people were so shaken and you can tell that they had some sort of encounter. It is said to be what british essays have rendered and that is why people have always taken into account what they are supposed to do.

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