All about Canadian Craft Beer and Eli Gershkovitch

Craft beer has been around for a very long. This type of beer is made at a personal brewery and it is made from natural processes. A craft beer does not use any type mechanical or artificial flavoring during the brewing process. Canadian craft beer is a unique blend of brews that have robust and very unique flavors. The flavors are based on fruits, spices, grains and syrups. Some of the most popular Canadian craft beer flavors include confectionary flavors such as well.

Don’t forget that beer is a big business in Canada. It’s this nation favorite drink. However, many people are no longer purchasing the commercial varieties as much as they use to. Instead, they are focusing in on Canadian craft beers. It is expected that Canadian craft beers will account for at least 20% of all Canadian beer sales by 2020. Steamworks Brewery CEO, Eli Gershkovitch likes the changes that are taking place within Canadian beer consumption. Read more at Westender about Eli Gershkovitch.

Gershovitch has been in the business of beer making for a very long time. He has his own pub and brewery in Vancouver, British Columbia. His pub not hand crafts a wide variety of Canadian blends, it also sells a lot of good food to go with it. Eli Gershovitch knows what it takes to make a great brew from scratch. The pub has been in open since 1995 and Gershovitch has expanded throughout Canada and the U.S. Some of his unique brew blends that have won over the public include the Farmhouse Wheat Ale, Pumpkin Ale and even the Killer Cucumber Ale. Read more on

The beer crafters at Steamwork Brewery fully understand what it takes to make a good beer. They use the proper ingredients and take the proper amount of time to create a batch. Gershovitch has an award-winning franchise that knows how to produce some of the best hand-crafted brews in the world. Microbrewery lovers will definitely enjoy his pub. Gershovitch continues to produce his high-quality ales and he is hoping to grow his business well into the future.


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