Alexei Beltyukov’s Guidance for Russia’s Financial Prudence

A distinguished Russian entrepreneur and humanitarian volunteered his guidance and recommendations he trusts will boost Russia’s sluggish economy.

Alexei Beltyukov is known for establishing Endemic Capital which provides angel funding for Russian start-ups as well as A-Ventures Ltd. which makes financial support available to struggling Russian companies. He also works with the Russian government to offer financially viable counseling and assistance through the Skolkovo Foundation as its vice president.

Responding to recent reports about Russia’s economy slowing down over the past few years and investors withdrawing their money out of the country, Beltyukov pointed out actions need to take place without delay to allow the state of affairs get back on track.

Reports found the Russian main stock index dropped 10 percent in March 2014 which eradicated billions in market capitalization while according to Bloomberg, Russia’s $2 trillion economy slowed for a fourth year.

What’s more, the Russian Finance Minister, Anton Siluanov, foresees zero growth for that year for the country’s financial system.

Offering his insight, Beltyukov advocates the Russian government acknowledge entrepreneurs by implementing more effective and efficient systems which will encourage small business and entrepreneurs.

He pointed to the Skolkovo Foundation, where he works with the Russian government to offer services, such as information, business approaches and tax incentives, to help Russian entrepreneurs. He also said the financial assistance the Skolkovo Foundation makes available has arranged many innovative possibilities for entrepreneurs, including establishing more than 13,000 jobs.

The serial entrepreneur is currently the chief operating officer of Solvy, which produces an online educational system to help high school students do well in math, by providing instant feedback from their teachers.

Beltyukov engaged in business following a career he began in medicine. He was the first recipient of the Insitut European d’Administration des Affaires (INSEAD) School of Business Lister Vickery Scholarship which helps MBA applicants from Eastern Europe and Central Asian countries and he founded the Russian Alumni Scholarship of INSEAD.

Today Beltyukov continues to present many Russian technology start-ups and entrepreneurs grants and advisory cooperation through his various business dealings and charitable associations.

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