Adam Sender: Art Collector by Design

Most art collectors start off on a small scale and nothing much comes of it other than a fun hobby and maybe a few artifacts to pass on down in the family will. However one art collector has taken the art world by storm and has reinvented the way we see art collectors today. Adam Sender is not just an art collector but a designer in his own right.Sender’s art collection is unique in its own right and has taken on characteristics of its own. Sender is definitely ahead of his time. The collection itself has become a work of art one of the most unique and largest collections of its time. sender has brought a whole new meaning to the word art collector.

Adam Sender’s art collection is well worth millions of dollars making him one-of the top 10 art collector’s of his day. Adam Sender however did auction off 70 million dollars worth of his collection with 400 different pieces of art up for grabes. Senders art collection was made up of all contemporary art pieces by some of the best known contemporary artists. With such a neat eye for art the collection was diffently one of a kind and in a sense was Sender’s own work of art with just the right pieces being selected to finish off the collection Sender’s eye for details truly makes him an artist in his own right.
Sender is one of the first collectors to go for contemporary art . His collection quickly grew and is diffently like no other. His knack for picking out contemporary pieces of art work brought contemporary art into a new light and possible starting a trend among collectors or at least have them take a new look at this art form. Sender quite possible may have lead the way into a whole new way one does art or at least collects it.

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