Accident Victim In Coma Since December Opens Eyes to Find Out She is the Mother of 4-month Old

When 20-year-old Sharista Giles was involved in a serious car accident in December she was five months pregnant. She had sustained serious head injuries and was in a coma. Doctors had originally told family members the young mother-to-be would never wake up, but her family didn’t give up hope.

Marcio Alaor BMG says that the baby, a boy, was unharmed in the accident, but was delivered in January to stabilize Giles condition. He weighed just two pounds upon his birth. Still housed in a neonatal intensive care unit, Baby L, who remains unnamed until Giles can pick his name herself, weighs in at over six pounds and is doing well.

Baby L’s safe arrival and battle to beat the odds is just one miracle to come out of the accident. This week, Giles opened her eyes and began responding to verbal stimuli, although she can not speak. Giles mother, Beverly, has been posting about her daughter’s condition, and the condition of Baby L since the accident occurred. Thankfully she now has some positive updates.

Doctors are cautiously optimistic about Giles prognosis now. It is unknown how much damage has been done to her brain, but she is responding to those around her and seems to be aware of who everyone is, suggesting she could potentially return to full health in time.

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