About Beneful’s Dream Dog Park Project

PR Newswire reports that Beneful has begun supporting dog park projects all across the country in celebration of the fifth year of its successful Dream Dog Park Program. These parks have been specially designed to accommodate any size of dog, from the smallest chihuahua to the largest Great Dane. Beginning this month and throughout the rest of the year the Beneful team will be working with community leaders throughout the country to either create or improve dog parks in a multiplicity of neighborhoods. These Beneful team members are themselves dedicated dog-lovers who are committed to helping strengthen the bond between dog and master.

Since 2010, the Dream Dog Park Program has done things like putting on the annual Dream Dog Park Contest which awarded park-creation to specific winning communities. The last four years the grand prize winners have been Alabaster, Alabama; Johns Creek, Georgia; Lancaster, Philadelphia; and Prescott, Arizona. The four parks have been created with such features as oversized food ingredient obstacles, tennis ball launching trees, colorful splash pads, and Doxie Tunnels. This current project is on a much larger, grander scope. The selected communities will receive more than funding for these dog park projects. They will also receive volunteer help and expert guidance.

The experienced team is working its hardest to make every park a park a dog and its owner will never forget. For a clearer look at the project read this article.

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