A/B Testing Made Easier with AI Technology

Who wouldn’t want to have conversions increase faster? Whether you have an e-commerce site or an inbound marketing strategy, you rely on your website visitors to click on an offer. Only, to get more conversions requires optimization. That means testing a new web design, and the process can take a lot of time using A/B testing.

To get the right design, you have to tweak the content, the colors, the menu and other features. Without AI technology, you test changes one element at a time over a long period. When using Sentient AI technology for your A/B testing, that time frame can be much shorter.

If you are looking at UI changes, you would most likely test a color or test a menu design change. Then, you would move on to the next element, perhaps a button style change. You would continue this process until you had enough data to know what works. This process can take several months.

With this new AI technology, the task can be much quicker. Now instead of testing one idea at time, you run several A/B tests at the same time, using a much easier multivariate testing process. The AI technology will automate the A/B testing and give you valuable feedback that you can use.

The AI technology will deliver the different versions to various users for several tests at a time. This process allows digital marketers to work with designers to get the necessary data faster. This better understanding of web traffic will help you increase your conversion rate.

It will use data to decide which web page to offer to a visitor. What makes it even more advanced is that it can differentiate between tiny variables, such as centered or left aligned text in a call out box. Then, it will use an algorithm to determine the best features that will work.

A/B testing does not have to be a chore anymore. With this new Sentient AI technology for A/B testing, digital marketers will have detailed feedback with actionable data in days rather than months.

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