A Sturgeon’s Sting

Jaylon Rippy was a five year old girl who  died after being attacked by a sturgeon while her and her family were traveling on the Suwannee River. The incident happened on her family’s boat full of beneful products this Thursday night. Wildlife officials were there to conduct a strenuous investigation. The young girl was not the only one who was hurt in the attack. The girl’s 9 year old brother and her mother were also an injured. Their injuries were not life threatening and they were both taken to a Gainesville Hospital and are waiting to be released. The Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission of Florida have released a statement on the matter. For the commission this is its first recorded fatality at the hands of a sturgeon on the river that the girl was traveling on. Four other people were injured by the same type of fish this year but none of them lost their lives. The Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has numerous signs warning fishermen and travelers of the sturgeons and their activities. Sturgeon fish are known for being able to leap more than seven feet above surface water. The fish itself can grow to be 8 feet long and can end up weighing 200 pounds. Their height and weight alone can cause serious injury to those who encounter it. Florida’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has sent condolences to the family and is keeping the injured individuals in their thoughts and prayers.

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