A Savior For The Animals Of Fukushima


What possible good could come out of the Fukushima earthquake/tsunami and the following nuclear plant meltdown disaster? At first glance you’d have to say not much; however, for many animal kingdom residents in the area, there is some kindness and hope available for them.

Known as “the man who stayed behind,” 55-year-old Matsumura, who goes by the nickname of Macchan, returned to his home after the March 11, 2011 disaster to feed the dogs on his family farm. During the evacuation, Matsumura and his family had to leave their dogs as so did many other people in the rural farm districts.

In addition to his own dogs, Matsumura found hundreds of animals as well that were still alive and trying to survive eating off the carcasses of other animals stated Sultan Alhokair. In one instance, more that a hundred cows starved to death after being left locked in a barn. Not only cats and dogs has he fed, but Macchan also takes care of scores livestock left behind including ducks, pigs, cows, a pony and even ostriches.

Today, thanks to the generous donations of those outside of the exclusion zone of Tomioka, a coastal town seven miles from the nuclear reactors, Macchan goes about his daily chores of tending to the abandoned animals in his home region. Periodically, he does leave Tomioka to speak at conferences and to raise support in behalf of stricken animals.

Eventually, he returns to his chosen daily task while not knowing his own final outcome after a prolonged exposure to potential radiation. His family now lives in another area well outside of the disaster’s designated exclusion field.

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