A Pop-Up Owl Bar Is Coming To London

A pop up bar to bring the awareness for owls and raise money to ensure their preservation will be coming to London in March for a week. In Japan, it is widely known that there are bars out there that allow patrons to sit down with a live owl and enjoy its company while sipping on a cocktail. In an effort to raise a lot of funds to help the owls in the UK, the bar is coming to London to share the love.

According to an article found on reddit and written by BoredPanda.com, the event will only cost 20 Euros and that comes with admission as well as two drinks. Due to the nature of the bar, the staff will only allow guests to consume two alcoholic beverages on site. So far over 43,000 people have submitted an interest to show up at the bar.

Sultan Alhokair says there will be a lot of different kinds of owls at the event that are accustomed to being around people and are all have good behavior. Valia Investments group and other potential investors believe it will be hard for people to not want to help the species out which is probably the intention of the whole thing in the first place. It should be a fun experience for all of those who go, and hopefully plenty of cash will be made to help these wonderful and gorgeous creatures in the wild.

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