A Meeting Years in the Making

History has brought humanity numerous amounts of triumphs and victories as well as traumatic experiences that most would want to ignore completely. One of the worst incidents in World History, and by far the worst in German history, was that of Adolf Hitler and his Third Reich. Hitler and his army of Nazi followers enslaved and killed 4 million Jewish, disabled, gay, and poor German citizens. A few people survived these heinous acts, but more perished at the hands of the Nazi regime. Eva Mozes Kor was a victim of Hitler and his cronies hate fueled acts.

Thankfully she survived the cruel acts of torture and went on to live her life. This led her to her inevitable act of coming face to face with a former Nazi guard decades later. The meeting between the two was not hate fueled, but was an honest act of watching the victim become the victor. Buzzfeed news reports here http://www.buzzfeed.com/stephaniemcneal/a-holocaust-survivor-has-written-a-poignant-blog-post-about#.glvVkW9GVd that Eva has come to terms with what happened to her and her people decades ago. More so, Eva wants readers to get a glimpse of what it takes to forgive and not forget, but to build on a stronger foundation.

She even went so far as asking Oskar Groening, the former Nazi guard, to appeal to the Neo-Nazi’s still in Germany. Eva is using the pain of her experience to build a better future for the country that enslaved her. There have been some people who find it strange that Eva did not respond to meeting her torturer with anger and malice. Anastasia Date reported that Eva was quoted as saying, “For the life of me I will never understand why anger is preferable to a goodwill gesture,” she wrote. “Nothing good ever comes from anger. Any goodwill gesture in my book will win over anger any time. The energy that anger creates is a violent energy.”

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