A life mirrored with success and hard work

Hard work and the ambition to succeed is something that is evidently attached to Flavio Maluf’s backbone. It is therefore due to this that he was graced with the opportunity of being the head of Eucatex company and over the years he has proved his worth.

Flavio first joined Eucatex in 1987, and since then the company has enjoyed years and years of steady success establishing him as one of the best personalities that have ever sat at the helm of the enterprise. By maintaining a high level of professionalism and ensuring his work is always the best, Flavio has enabled Eucatex to become the success it is today. Through his leadership, Eucatex has grown and expanded to open offices in some states a fit that had not been achieved previously.


His rise to the top at the firm begun with him starting his job as a trade officer but due to his brilliance and hard work he quickly moved up and entered the technical department. His promotion to work at the technical department motivated Flavio to put in, even more, work since it meant that it was being recognized. After a few years working there, he received an offer by the company’s president to join the board.


While serving as a member of the council, Flavio’s innovative ideas were quickly adopted, and from them, the company benefited immensely. It was because of this that he was shortly appointed as the acting CEO which he has held to date. As its CEO, Flavio ensured that the company launched a new product every time to enable it to keep up with the much evolving market trends. Apart from this, Flavio also ensured that his firm was always investing in new innovative companies. From this, he has made sure that Eucatex has remained relevant in the business world.


An important thing to note which has majorly contributed much to Flavio’s success and sharp focus is his solid educational background. His college education saw him graduate with a degree in mechanical engineering from Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado . He later went on to pursue studies in foreign exchange, accounting, trade and management from other colleges so as to increase his skills in his career. https://www.facebook.com/flavio.maluf



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