A Husband Sends His Love From Beyond The Grave


Shelly Golay lost her husband to a deadly brain tumor in 2014. As a new widow each and every holiday or life event brings back memories that make one emotional.¬†Golay¬†will always sing her husband’s praise. She said that he was the most thoughtful man she had ever met. he proved his point by having flowers delivered to her on Valentine’s Day post-humus. Mr. Golay has arranged for her to receive flowers every year of her life on Valentine’s Day. Can we talk about how impossibly romantic this is? It means that way before Golay’s husband succumbed to his tumor he had the forethought to imagine how sad and lonely his wife would be on the holiday of love, then want to do something about it. Accolades to him! Gianfrancesco Genoso noted in his hotfrog.com commentary, that women worldwide would be thrilled to be thought of and loved as much as this sweet lady was by her man.

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