Baby Born With Two Front Teeth in Missouri

A baby was born three days after Christmas and surprises the world because it born with two front teeth. In fact, the doctors were also shocked by watching the baby in Missouri.

She born with two front teeth and surprised everyone in the delivery room. Really, this is a big matter at the moment because it has not happened before” the father of the baby, Marc Sparcks aid.

“The doctor has seen this phenomenon only twice in her 25-year career that born with two front teeth,” the delivery doctor said.

“A baby is born with teeth is not an ordinary fact in the recent time. However, this is found in every 2000-3000 births, an expert of National institute of Health explained.

“Birth with teeth may have some oral cavities problem but not essential in every case,” a clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology, Dr. Laura Corio said.
“Most of the times doctor used to remove or shave down the natal teeth so that it can’t cut its tongue,” he added in the ABC News.

Natal teeth is the third set of a human being and it will replace when it fall out. However, the parents were not agreeing to cut down the teeth of the newly born baby.

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