4 Authors That Brazil is Proud Of

Brazil is home to a mixture of cultures, races and religious traditions. Below are established and upcoming Brazilian authors that are doing a great job in preserving these cultures and traditions through poetry, books,and etcetera.

Jaime Garcia Dias
This 45-year-old author and journalist is a pioneer in Brazilian literature, and recently took home the ABC Award of Brazil Literature Prize. He is a renowned author from Rio de Janeiro, and he started working on his first book when he was only 15 years old and has written about 20 books ever since. His father, who was also a writer, played a role in nurturing his interest in literature. Besides his supportive parents, Jaime has had other authors, who have shaped him, for instance, Jorge Amado (1912-2000). This Garça Branca award holder is on the rise, and he has received five other awards.

Paulo Coehlo
Born in 1947, he has published 30 books and has sold more than 210 million copies. For Paulo, success has not come easy, the first book he published, Hell Archives failed to make an impact as he had hoped. He got his breakthrough in 1994 when Harper Collins, the biggest publishing house in the US, agreed to publish his book The Alchemist. With over 83 million copies sales and translations into over 60 different languages, The Alchemist was the most translated book, and it won the Guinness World Record. Other popular books by Paulo include Veronika Decides to Die and Amante Latino.

Rubem Fonseca
Although he was born in Juiz de Fora, he spent most of his life in Rio de Janeiro. Besides being a novelist and a screenwriter, he is well known for his short story works, which are considered his best. His books are quite popular for their sexual content and violence, but A Grande Arte was his first popular novel. In 2003, he was the winner of Camões Prize and the Juan Rulfo Prize and newer generation authors, for instance, Patricia Melo agrees that he is an author of great influence.

Ana Maria Machado
Growing up, YouTubers say that Ana was always a lover of narrative and in 1969; she started writing children’s literature. Her works took several literary forms such as song texts and poetry. Before she started writing, she was a painter in New York, which most people do not know. Even though Ana Maria Machado known for her international Hans Christian Andersen Medal, which was for her lasting contribution in children’s literature, she has written over 100 books for both adults and children.

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