Financial Research and Analysis

As the founder of numerous companies specializing in hedge fund management and other areas of national and international finance, Brad Reifler has demonstrated an ability to start with nothing and be able to create something special. Having founded a number …..

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Uber Ratings Go Both Ways

Uber is making inroads in cities across the United States with availability in scores of metro areas. This is a fact that undoubtedly has many cabbies pounding their dashboard in frustration. Uber drivers do not have to go through the …..

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A Sturgeon’s Sting

Jaylon Rippy was a five year old girl who  died after being attacked by a sturgeon while her and her family were traveling on the Suwannee River. The incident happened on her family’s boat full of beneful products this Thursday …..

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Splinter Cell Movie Getting a Rewrite

Changes Coming to the new Splinter Cell Movie Adaptations from other forms of media are becoming increasingly common in Hollywood nowadays. From comic books to television shows to even video games, there is no shortage of material to adapt says …..

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