Real Life Sleeping Beauties

Maleficent’s lair may have been discovered, and it is not where you might have thought to look. As reported by The Guardian, for the past couple of years in a village in Northern Kazakhstan, hundreds of people are catching the …..

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Misophonia: Hatred of Certain Sounds

Does someone popping their chewing gum bother you like it does Fersen Lambranho according to How about the sound of someone constantly cracking their knuckles or clearing their throat? Have you ever changed seat in a public location to …..

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A Crystal That Isn’t a Crystal?

  Thousands of years ago a meteorite struck the Earth in remote northeastern Russia and imbedded within was a crystal, or rather, a quasicrystal that baffles scientists today. This particular crystal contains aluminum, nickel, and iron. This combination rarely forms …..

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Igor Cornelsen: An Expert Investor

Igor Cornelsen is primarily known for being a successful businessman in the stock market. Igor is one of the few that can make investments that will last a life time. He has made a career out of his many investments. …..

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A Savior For The Animals Of Fukushima

  What possible good could come out of the Fukushima earthquake/tsunami and the following nuclear plant meltdown disaster? At first glance you’d have to say not much; however, for many animal kingdom residents in the area, there is some kindness …..

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