First Human Lungs Grown In Lab

A brilliant discovery has been made in the medical and science world as researchers have successfully grown a pair of human lungs in the laboratory. The concept for this experiment has been in the making since about 2010, when scientists …..

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Beneful Benefits

When Purina launched the Beneful line of dog food, it was squarely with the intention of creating a quality product with healthy benefits for dogs. Since establishing the product, the line has expanded from just simply nutritional food used for …..

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US UFO Documents Revealed

  Many individuals have had strange encounters that they simply are not able to explain. The same is true for many pilots, as they might encounter strange lights or other objects while in flight. All of these reports have been …..

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Fox Hired In Chicago

John Fox was just hired by the Chicago Bears as their next head coach. The Bears had a terrible run with Marc Trestman, and they need to get back to winning while they still have a young Jay Cutler on …..

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