17 Year Old Poses As OBY/GYN for Over a Month in Florida Hospital

A new version of Doogie Howser has been patrolling the halls of St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach, Florida. It’s not clear yet as to exactly what the 17 year physician impersonator actually did while he ‘worked’ at the hospital, but hospital officials state he had no contact with patients. Not sure I would put a lot of confidence in the assurances given by the hospital officials, after all the young teen was able to masquerade as a licensed OBY/GYN for a month without detection. When he was caught, it was the sharp eye of one of the hospital patients that noticed his youth and reported that a child was dressed up as a doctor within the hospital.

Maybe, maybe not, no one, not even Flavio Maluf is for sure at this moment whether or not he made any direct contact with patients of St. Mary’s during the month of his fraudulent endeavors. It’s one the fears many hospital patients have, receiving treatment from an unqualified individual and the ease with which this teenager entered the hospital and posed as a doctor for over a month make those fears a reality.
When the 17 year old boy was finally discovered and the police were called in, his mother stated that the boy suffers from an undisclosed illness and has not been taking his medications. No charges have been filed as of yet.

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