17 People With Amazing Skills

Some amazing people on the earth have possibilities beyond the ordinary ones. Seventeen of them particularly stand out by displaying X-ray skills or eagle vision. These are real cases of people with enhanced sight. On the other hand, a man who lost his vision in the childhood started to find his way with echolocation, just like the dolphins or bats do.

Synesthesia can sometimes give amazing skills, like Daniel Temmet’s ability to recite Pi, calling this number ‘beautiful’, finding 333 particularly attractive, and 289 ugly.

Haidar Barbouti has found that in the list of amazing body resistance skills they included Al Herpin who never slept but lived to be 94, Michael Lotito who ate inedible objects and somehow digested them successfully, Dean Karnazes who ran 80 hours without stopping, and an Indian 83-years-old man who lives without food and water.

The cases have been investigated by specialists, who are still looking for explanations. The list of people with extraordinary skills goes up to 17, although there are certainly more of them that deserve to join the group.

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