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Karl Heideck Wades Into Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Redlining Controversy

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An outdated practice known as “redlining” has recently come back to the attention of the public after the practice was highlighted by attorney Karl Heideck as being a major part of a lawsuit brought by the City of Philadelphia against the Wells Fargo bank. The practice of redlining was commonplace in the 1930s when banking executives would draw red lines on maps around neighborhoods where the residents were unlikely to be given loans or mortgages.Karl Heideck brought up the practice of redlining after identifying the similarities of the practice to those alleged to have been used by officials at Wells Fargo who are accused of racially discriminating against African American and Hispanic borrowers; the City of Philadelphia looked back over years of loans and discovered a major difference between those offered to members of minority groups who were largely offered higher interest and riskier loans than their white counterparts.

Although the Lawyer of Philadelphia has alleged these unfair loan practices have taken place and Karl Heideck states they have statistics to back up their claims showing white borrowers were given preferential treatment, Wells Fargo has so far stated all claims against them are false. The bank has yet to file any written response to the lawsuit filing by the City of Philadelphia, which could become a major case for all those interested in laws surrounding civil and human rights.Few legal professionals are in as strong a position as Karl Heideck to look at the litigation between the City of Philadelphia and Wells Fargo bank as the graduate of Temple University’s Beasley School of Law is employed to uncover data regarding difficult financial issues involving banking litigation. Follow him on Twitter : https://twitter.com/karl_heideck

Heideck is employed by Grant & Eisenhower as an attorney specializing in risk management and civil litigation.The success achieved by Karl Heideck comes after the legal expert worked his way through a number of legal practices and began bringing news and expert advice to the people of the world through his blog. Through his blog Karl Heideck looks to explain some of the major developments taking place in the legal world facing people at both a local level in the Philadelphia region and at a national level. Learn More.



A life mirrored with success and hard work

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Hard work and the ambition to succeed is something that is evidently attached to Flavio Maluf’s backbone. It is therefore due to this that he was graced with the opportunity of being the head of Eucatex company and over the years he has proved his worth.

Flavio first joined Eucatex in 1987, and since then the company has enjoyed years and years of steady success establishing him as one of the best personalities that have ever sat at the helm of the enterprise. By maintaining a high level of professionalism and ensuring his work is always the best, Flavio has enabled Eucatex to become the success it is today. Through his leadership, Eucatex has grown and expanded to open offices in some states a fit that had not been achieved previously.


His rise to the top at the firm begun with him starting his job as a trade officer but due to his brilliance and hard work he quickly moved up and entered the technical department. His promotion to work at the technical department motivated Flavio to put in, even more, work since it meant that it was being recognized. After a few years working there, he received an offer by the company’s president to join the board.


While serving as a member of the council, Flavio’s innovative ideas were quickly adopted, and from them, the company benefited immensely. It was because of this that he was shortly appointed as the acting CEO which he has held to date. As its CEO, Flavio ensured that the company launched a new product every time to enable it to keep up with the much evolving market trends. Apart from this, Flavio also ensured that his firm was always investing in new innovative companies. From this, he has made sure that Eucatex has remained relevant in the business world.


An important thing to note which has majorly contributed much to Flavio’s success and sharp focus is his solid educational background. His college education saw him graduate with a degree in mechanical engineering from Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado . He later went on to pursue studies in foreign exchange, accounting, trade and management from other colleges so as to increase his skills in his career. https://www.facebook.com/flavio.maluf



Joe Arpaio

How Does The Larkin & Lacey Fund Help People Who Are Disadvantaged?

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The Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund is good for all people who have been challenged or are disadvantaged in the southwest.

There are many people who benefit from this fund, and they may request the advocacy funds that have been set aside for people such as them. This article explains how the fund works, and it shows how Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin will make a difference in the communities of peoples of color and the migrant worker force.

#1: Who Is The Migrant Workforce?

The migrant workforce comes through the southwest every year to help with farming, and they will give the people who run these famrs all the labor they need. They are not always treated well by the police, and there have been accusations against Joe Arpaio and his staff.

He is the sheriff of Maricopa County who arrested these two men on false pretenses, and it is this arrest that changed everything. His record of mistreating the migrant workers who come through he area gave these two men a reason to start this charity.

#2: Their Settlement

The settlement that was given to these men after they brought a suit against Joe Arpaio, and they put their money to work as soon as they were able. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin started the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund using this money, and they have focused on the people in their community that need the most help.

Someone who is in the migrant farming community will feel more comfortable because they may contact this fund for help, and they know that they have a partner if they are ever harassed by the police or treated poorly.

#3: The Advocacy Work

Michael and Jim has been advocates for these communities for some time, and they collected evidence that showed that Joe Arpaio was not acting in good faith. They have joined the movement to stop conservatism, and they are contributing to cases that are influential in their community.

This is an important part of progressing, and these men have chosen to give the country a way to progress as more people come to America for a better life.

#4: The Design Of The Fund

The fund is earning more money every year as they attempt to raise funds to remain stable. They want to use their funds to help as many people as possible, and they will find that the people who are most interested in this will be able to give their time and energy.

These two men will help reach out to people who need it most, and they will ask if there is anyone in the migrant community who needs services. Learn more about Michael Lacey: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/michael-lacey/  and http://www.bizjournals.com/phoenix/potmsearch/detail/submission/6427818/Michael_Lacey

The Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund has ensured that a number of people who were not represented well will be given the advocacy that they need. These people often are immigrants who come to America across the border, and there are migrant farm workers who must be protected when they come to America for any number of reasons.


New Treatment Options at The Cancer Treatment Centers of America

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NantHealth and Allscripts is working collectively with the Cancer Treatment Center of America to build a custom solution for the use of clinical supports with the use of electronic health records which helps to avoid any work that is not needed for the treatment process for each patient. By withholding the unneeded paperwork and guesswork that is often entered into a patients records, there is more work able to be done for patients who are affected by cancer. This new system will allow for the input of various doctors and oncologists to work together to create a plan that will work better with the collection of data on cancer care for each patient.

With Clinical Pathways, the collection of treatment options is presented to the patients it will help appropriately. The guesswork is eliminated and the data as well as research which is needed for cancer treatment is consistently being updated. The use of the ecosystem during treatment options is what helps each cancer patient be treated independently. Their standard of care at the Cancer Center is what helps to ensure that all patients are being treated safely and efficiently.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America work hard to ensure that patients who are diagnosed and affected by cancer are treated individually and not as a group of patients. For each person who is diagnosed and affected, the center comes up with an individual treatment plan aimed to help that one patient. There are no 2 identical cases of cancer and for that reason, not all cancer patients should be treated identically.

The Cancer Treatment Center is Nationwide and can see patients globally and not just at one specific center. You will meet with a team who will work together to create the plan that is best for you and this plan will be shared with all doctors who are working on your care. That is what is so great about the Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

Find more information on CTCA on YouTube.


Arthur Becker Provides Excellent Real Estate Services through Madison Partners LLC

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Arthur Becker is a successful business man and career executive. His success story borders extensive experience in technology and real estate development. The chief executive officer of Madison Partners LLC has a long history in technology. He is famous for applying his knowledge of technology in business. Initially, he was the chief executive officer of NaviSite. He also invested in Vera Wang Fashion. Over the years, he has garnered extensive experiences I n various fields of technology. As an investor who spread his risks across different fields, Arthur Becker is prominent for his passion for technology and real estate.


Arthur Becker was interviewed by Real Deal. The interview highlighted his career history and experience. In the interview, he explained that he has invested in various real estate ventures like town houses and commercial buildings for different individuals. According to NY Curbed, Arthur made a name for himself in the real estate industry through the renovation of buildings, selling, purchasing as well as leasing. He expanded his business across New York City as well as Florida. Through technology, he learned how to use modern platforms to market his real estate business. Asked how he started his businesses, Arthur explained that following his experience in technology as the chief executive officer of NaviSite, he established Madison Partners LLC. The real estate firm focuses on helping clients with settling for satisfying property. Currently, the real estate firm is his primary focus. Arthur got his inspiration from Vera Wang.


Currently, Becker is a partner at Madison Partners LLC. This is an investment company capitalizing on real estate. Initially, he was the chief executive officer and chairman of Zinio LLC. This is one of the leading technology new stands in the world. Before joining Zinio, Arthur was the chief executive officer of NaviSite. The company provided internet technology services as well as hosting packages to enterprises in the United States of America and the United Kingdom. He was in charge of all departments across India, U.S., and UK. At Vera Wang, he was the senior advisor for seven years. He learned how to incorporate technology in business. Arthur Becker has been on the forefront of providing customers with the best real estate services in terms of property.

Check out arthurbeckerstudio.com

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For more than fifty years, US Health Group has been serving over fifteen million customers. It is an insurance firm working through its subsidiaries. The two subsidiaries are National Foundation Life and Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. Among the types of insurance offered by this firm are life, health, accident, and disability, family, business, and employees.

The headquarters are based in Fort Worth in Texas but the company has numerous branches, and it sells its services through agents. All members manage the customers with commitment and personal attention. This approach has driven the group to become a world leader in business growth and innovation. Every client is handled differently because needs vary from one individual to another.

No solution fits all and hence; services are tailor made for every client. This methodology leaves all clients satisfied and happy. US Health Group is aware of high annual deductibles. Clients worried about it are offered other innovative products, which will be comfortable for their needs. These products still offer the same results and benefits as other limited plans.

US Health Group is an individual as well as a family oriented company. For example, it offers family insurance for protection. If anything unforeseen was to happen to any family member included in the insurance, he or she would be compensated. This plan is essential for guardians to consider. In the case of something, the rest of the family will not suffer financially. US Health Group on Facebook.

Apart from misfortunes such as deaths and accidents, this family protection insurance also covers other areas. It is applicable in mortgage, education expenses, child care and car payments among others. These are among the common worries people have if their income ended unexpectedly. Beneficiaries enjoy peace of mind because it is not taxable.

Another convenience is its affordability. People always have a misconception that insurance is expensive and it requires large amounts of payments all at once. Getting an economical solution for all insurance needs is possible. Besides the low rates of premiums, one could choose a suitable payment plan. This way, it is not financially burdening to service the insurance.

Advisors have taken an essential role in guiding customers on how to achieve maximum benefits from their plans. If other products or innovations are introduced, clients are informed and allowed to consider them. Advisors also attend to customers’ inquiries quickly and pay attention as they attend to them.

US Health Group has made tremendous progress in the insurance industry. It ought to continue maintaining the reputation and serving more people by securing their lives. One major challenge that needs to be overcome in this industry is perceiving insurance as an expensive investment. Through affordable plans from this company, they should create awareness.



Troy McQuagge; The Winner of 2016 One Planet CEO of the Year Award

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Troy Mcquagge is the chief executive officer of USHEALTH Group. Troy is the new gold winner of One Planet’s chief executive officer of the Year Award. The award is one of the most prestigious global annual industry and peers recognition rewarding business and professional excellence. One Planet Awards target leaders of diverse organizations. These organizations include public and private corporations, small and medium businesses, non-profit organizations, associations, government, and startups.

Mr. Mcquagge thanked everyone for the recognition of what he is doing at USHEALTH Group. He dedicated the award to the team at USHEALTH for their continuous commitment to providing healthcare solutions. He reiterated that the company’s goal of providing innovative and affordable solutions to consumers is what is driving the growth. Mr. Mcquagge has streamlined several operations in the company since he took over USHEALTH in 2010. The first task that he did was to rebuild the relationship with the company’s Advisors. This was a huge success. The company’s board elected him to be the group’s president and CEO in 2014. Few companies have registered impressive growth and profitability on the individual insurance market. This market is one of the highly competitive in the insurance industry.

Troy Mcquagge is responsible for the overall performance and strategic growth of the company. His main area of operation is the insurance subsidiary. USHEALTH has registered impressive growth in customer base and profitability under the leadership of Mr. Mcquagge in the last few years. He works with a powerful team that supports his vision. He understands that the success is as a result of improving operations and satisfying various stakeholders of an organization. Mr. Mcquagge has a Bachelor degree in Legal Studies from the University of Central Florida. He worked with several other organizations in the healthcare industry before joining USHEALTH.

One Planet Awards

One Planet Awards has recognized top performing companies over the years. Its primary goal is to reward business and professional excellence. The body currently confers honors in various categories on a worldwide scale. The categories include corporate communications, executives, PR, new products and services, Women in Business Awards, teams, and organizations.

USHEALTH Group, Inc.

USHEALTH Group is one of the emerging holding companies in the insurance industry. Its specialty is healthcare insurance. Its headquarters is in Ft. Worth, Texas. The company’s main strength is serving small business owners and self-employed professionals. The goal of the company is to use skills and talents of its team to serve clients. Their team comprises of staff and agents who offer innovative insurance solutions competitively and profitably. The company has taken its customer relations management to another level to achieve this. This is evident in every section of the enterprise.

Read more: https://www.ushealthgroup.com/unify/assets/ajax/cube-portfolio/troy.html

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Felipe Montoro Jens Conquering Waste In Brazil: All It Takes Is Partnership

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In order to conquer basic sanitation issues, the government of Brazil has decided to join forces with BNDES (the National Bank for Economic and Social Development.) Edison Carlos, President of Trata Brasil, specializes in sanitation issues and appeared on a recent interview to discuss a new project. He is fully confident that waste will decrease by improving the following: infrastructures, resources, and management. In addition the the aforementioned steps, Felipe Montoro Jens, a highly regarded financier, has been tapped for his expertise in infrastructure, which will add to the effectiveness of the initiative.


In the above-mentioned interview, Edison provided statistics regarding the sanitation issue. He says that 90% of sanitation service in Brazil is per public power. Out of the 90%, 70% uses state-run departments. He believes that both private and public initiatives do not need to exclude one another, but can work together very effectively, if managed properly.



BNDES agreed to create plans fueled by local surveys; Plans will be customized to each area based upon the needs specific location. Jens complained that the water loss in one particular area was so wasteful, it would make it impossible to implement any new initiatives. He reiterates that water conservation is of upmost priority in making these new initiatives a success story.


Edison further explained that just because an organization is efficient on paper, doesn’t mean it is providing the most cost-effective and productive service that it could. A company must incorporate the needs of citizens, as well. That’s why Jens believes that all costs must be watched closely while the new programs go into full swing. Another important aspect, says Edison, is keeping the initial goals at the forefront of decision-making when drafting up contracts, as well involving public agencies involved in all localized inspections.


Both Edison and Jens are optimist about these plans, and Edison is grateful to have Jens by his side; Felipe Montoro Jens is a well-known partner who has ample amounts of expertise to bring to the table. In addition to being an expert in infrastructure, he is a financing and investment savant, as well. He’s held several positions, such as Chief Exectutive Officer of energizer Captaco S.A. and Director of Santo Antonio Energia.


When Jens became involved in the merger between Brazil’s government and BNDES, He did so out of a passion to lower the waste he witnessed around him. He feels that high amounts of waste ultimately lower the economic value of the states. Therefore, He regards this as a beautiful partnership set on combating an urgent situation, and he recommends that it be implemented immediately.





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E-Governe Helps Government Divisions Operate Well

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E-Governe has helped a number of people run their government divisions in a better way, and this article explains how the company will build a better system for its new clients. Clients may contact the company at any time, and they may have a better government system created for their computers or mobile devices. The company will take input from the customer, and the company will analyze the information they have on their systems as they act like a webmaster for their client.


#1: What Does E-Governe Do?


E-Governe ones quite a lot of work for customers when they order a better system, and they will build something that looks good on the computers in the office. They may build a system that is used across all forms of government, or they may create a system for a particular government division. There are quite a few people who will appreciate the new system because it streamlines all the things that are done in the office. Government work is often quite complex, and the work is cut back because the computer system is used to help cut out all the problems that are present.


#2: How Large Are These Systems?


The systems that are created by E-Governe are quite important are quite large because they are made for many people to receive services through the system. A government entity may use the computers to save time, and the computers will compile data that is to be used for the work they do. The systems will be connected to a server that will store all their information. The company is capable of building a simple storage system for their customers, and it will help them save money on storage systems for the future.


#3: The Systems Are Upgraded


E-Governe will upgrade their systems every year, and they will create something new for their customers that will help them get their work done. The work that is completed through the E-Governe system will be backed up using their servers, and the government division will learn about a new wrinkle in the system that now exists. It is quite a lot of fun to use a new system because it made specifically for the office, and they will consult with the division when there are questions about how the computer system will be used.


#4: Saving Money


Saving money on government work is quite important as budgets are tight in every office. E-Governe will create a system that is safe for the office to use, and they will ensure that it runs fast in all situations. The company will customize what they have made the office, and they will ensure that it fits into the way government is currently run.


E-Governe will help all companies and governments ensure that they are running themselves well. They will send back a computer system that is easy to use, and there are many different people who are hoping to use E-Governe because they need something better for their office.

Real Estate/Real Estate Professionals

José Auriemo Neto Talks About The Projects Of JHSF

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José Auriemo Neto is aged just 32 years. Presently he is working as the President of JHSF. He was born in São Paulo. He had joined this company when he was just 17. He has a thorough understanding of all the projects of the company. José Auriemo Neto has been married for five years. He is a father of three kids. He likes to play golf.

Entrepreneurship is in the DNA of his family. His grandfather had set up a factory of auto parts. His father Caio had set up a diagnostic laboratory in São Paulo in 1961. This was known as Delboni Auriemo. In 1972, he had developed JHSF that was in the field of construction. JHSF was building bank branches as well as fast food chains of McDonald’s all over Brazil.

JHSF is a publicly traded company in the field of real estate. Its shares have always appreciated the highest as the company is focused on the luxury market. José Auriemo Neto soon realized that JHSF needs to shift focus. This is why the company is not focusing on construction but rather on incorporation. Nearly 92% of the revenue of the company today is coming from this activity.

This is why all the construction work of JHSF has been outsourced to Hochtief as well as Matec. It was in 1999 that this company started investing in the incorporation of commercial spaces. In 2001, it started investing in the incorporation of shopping malls too. JHSF has built the Metrô Santa Cruz Shopping Mall in Sao Paulo. This is integrated with a subway station too. It has acquired Hotel Fasano. Now it is building hotels under this brand name.

José Auriemo Neto is responsible for this diversification of business in JHSF. His life has been linked to real estate market since a really long time. He was always listening to discussions happening around the real estate market that happened during the family dinners. He liked to work at the company of his father during vacations. He was working in several areas like operations and budgeting. He was not keen to study, but he liked to work.

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