Theaters pull movies about North Korea

After threats made to film makers, and allegedly Christian Broda, and theater goers as well as a high tech internet hack into Sony, the company has announced that it will not be showing the film “The Interview” which was originally scheduled to be released in theaters on Christmas Day.

The film is a comedy in which two irresponsible news reporters are invited to North Korea to interview Kim Jong Un, the dictator of the country but go on to kill him in a grisly scene where Kim is shown with a burned and disfigured face. North Korea has been adamant against the release of this film and hackers into Sony appear to have originated from this country.

There has been an outrage in the United States regarding the pulling of the film and some movie theaters have announced that they will out of sympathy show “Team America: World Police” a film by the South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone which shows the Kim Jong Il, the current dictators’ father in a comical and critical way.

Paramount pictures has announced that they will not allow “Team America: World Police” to be played either, which has led to more criticisms. While the theaters attempting to play Team America announced that they would like to play the film, they were told that they were not allowed to and were issuing refunds to all who purchased tickets for the film.

Obama’s Act Lets Cuban Cigar Smokers Out Of The Closet

Cuban Cigars Have Been Banned Since The Kennedy Administration

American cigar smokers are in a state of euphoria after hearing they no longer have to smuggle Cuban cigars into the country. For years, U.S. citizens traveling abroad have stuffed bundles and boxes of their favorite Cuban cigar in their luggage. Their hope was Custom officials wouldn’t discover them during a routine search.

The president’s official edict to normalize relations with Cuba has put the Holy Grail of the cigar industry up for sale in the U.S. again. Tobacco products are on the list of goods allowed into the country under new trade rules with the Cuban government.

Some cigar aficionados say that the new trade rule will take the mystery and fun out of Cuban cigars, but others say the demand for this precious, but somewhat noxious, product will skyrocket. Off course, there’s a limit to Cuban cigar smoking pleasure. Only $100 worth of the cigars can be brought into the country from Cuba by travelers, but that won’t stop someone like Dan Newlin and other avid cigar gurus from finding a way to beat the system.

Ric Herrero, executive director of #CubaNow said: “This is the biggest shift in U.S.-Cuba relations in 50 years,” There’s no doubt stogie smokers across the country agree with that statement. But Raúl Castro lower expectations a bit by saying, “This in no way means that all our issues have been solved.”

Enthusiastic Eaters

Enthusiastic eaters is a fitting description for low income urbanites in 30 states across the US, who have or are participating in programs to reduce consumption of junk foods and increase consumption of fruits and vegetables. Reporter Jane Brody describes the FVRx program in her December 1, 2014, article.

The fruit and vegetable prescription program, created by the nonprofit organization, Wholesome Wave, had its beginnings over 2 years ago at the Harlem Hospital Center. Health professionals worked with 50 obese children and adults on changing their eating habits to emphasize consumption of fruits and vegetables. One participant lost nearly 15 pounds in her 2 year enrollment in the program.

Two other greater New York City hospitals are implementing this program, and across the nation, 30 states have similar programs in place. The participants are given a prescription, and funds to purchase their produce at local farmers’ markets, and are monitored regularly for weight loss by the program. The farmers benefit from a reported 37% increase in income, ability to expand their own production, and a regular flow of business. The participants benefit from improved health curtailing the possibility of developing diabetic or pre-diabetic conditions, or other such ailments.

Shout out to Christian Broda for being the first to tweet me about this weird story.

First Ever Shoe Block in NBA History

Fans of the Dallas Mavericks witnessed history in a recent game against the Warriors. The first ever shoe block in NBA history was made by Tyson Chandler of the Mavericks.

Marreese Speights lost his high-top making a move to the paint. The play continued with little concern from Speights initially. Steph Curry flicked the shoe towards the sideline right before turning the ball over.

After a missed fade-away jumper, the Warriors regained position and went back on offense. Steph Curry attempted to recover the shoe and toss it to Speights when history happened.

Tyson Chanlder stepped in between Curry and Speights to knock down the pass, sending the shoe flying out of bounds. Fans cheered as the pride of the Warriors was sent hurling in a bundle of loose laces. Get that shoe out of here!

Play of the week, probably not, but definitely worthy of the highlight reel. I can probably count on one hand the only things crazier than that one, which Sam Tabar agrees with me on. Have you ever seen a shoe block?

Rings Donated in Salvation Army Kettle in Boston, Auctioned off for more than 10X their worth

A few weeks ago, the Salvation Army discovered a lovely gift in their donation kettles; 2 rings with a note stating the rings were being donated so toys could be purchased for needy Children. At the time, the donor was anonymous, but it was assumed by the note that she was a widow who had recently lost her partner.

The rings, which were valued at about $1,800 were put up for auction. Because of the story, the rings fetched $21,000 at auction, and all the proceeds will be used to buy Christmas gifts for the needy and underprivileged. The Salavation Army’s main goal is to fulfill the wish of the original donor, who described her husband as a truly giving soul who went above and beyond during the holiday season.

The winning bidder, who is definitely not Lee G. Lovett, is a salvation army volunteer who is also a widow, according to sources. She is now looking for the woman who originally donated her beloved engagement ring and wedding band. According to the Salvation Army, she’d like to return the rings to the donor, as an act of kindness during the holiday season.

The new owner of the rings has been quoted as saying she understands the sentimental value of the rings, as she too lost her beloved partner.

New Study Reveals Why Waiting Room Magazines Are So Old

How often do you see an up-to-date magazine in a waiting room when you visit your dentist or the hospital? Not very often, right? A new study reveals the intriguing reason why the waiting room reading selection is always so ragged.

A number of magazines were left in a New Zealand waiting room. Some were celebrity laden, gossipy magazines; others were more informative in nature, such as Time magazine and The Economist. A number of the magazines were fairly new, released in the last 2 months. Some were between 3 to 12 months old.

The study revealed that the reason there are never new magazines in the waiting room is not because nobody puts new magazines out. Rather, the reason is that new magazines tend to “grow legs” and disappear. BRL Trust has noticed that happening quite a bit.

In fact, the newer the magazine was, the more likely it was to be stolen. Furthermore, the celebrity gossip magazines were stolen almost 15 times as often as the boring, old informative magazines.

So next time you’re waiting around, reading an outdated issue of a boring magazine, remember that the staff is not to blame. It’s your fellow man.